1st committee Slide 1 Names (Rear, L to R):     Colm McLaughlin, Pat Slattery, Tony Mulholland, Kevin Gaughran, Gaye Cunningham.
Front (L to R): Willie Cremins, Geraldine Reardon, PJ Moriarty, Matthew Conroy.

ElectricAid was founded in 1987, and commenced operations in 1988. The founding impulse came from the disastrous Ethiopian famine of that time – but ElectricAid’s emphasis has always been primarily on Development rather than Disaster. That said, we have a long track record of responding to humanitarian emergencies, usually through Special Appeals to our marvellously generous members and supporters. Our founders, many from Trade Union backgrounds, were motivated by social justice – in Ireland and abroad.

Since that time, ElectricAid has grown to become Ireland’s premier occupationally-based charity, and a funder of scale of micro-development projects all over the world, and continues to fund social-justice projects in Ireland. We estimate that we have touched and changed the lives of 1.4 million people.

Since 2006, ElectricAid has spread beyond ESB, gaining significant membership in EirGrid plc, Ireland’s transmission system operator. EirGrid generously supports ElectricAid in the same way as ESB – matching staff contributions on a 2:3 basis.

Fast 2009

EirGrid members completing their Week-long rolling fast for ElectricAid in 2009

Almost 2,500 people – staff and pensioners from ESB and EirGrid – are now the members and bedrock of ElectricAid.

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