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Electric Mail front page Aid Fund Feb 05Standing (L to R): Orla Gallagher, Lesley Watts, Brian Montayne, Patrick Mbuza, Bridie Kiernan, Pat Ryan, Colum Grogan. Seated (L to R): Peter Kelly, Pádraig McManus, James Foley.

Please join our 2,500 members in helping those in need worldwide!

ElectricAid is a membership organisation, owned and controlled by our members. We’re open for membership from ESB and EirGrid staff members and pensioners – and for anyone else who wants to join us!

While we receive generous support from both companies, the bedrock of our finances is formed by the voluntary subscriptions of our 2,500 members. None of the magnificent work we fund can happen without our members’ continuing and committed generosity.

You can decide the level of your commitment – any subscription is welcome and valued . Please join us, in reaching out to people in poverty, ill-health and underdevelopment in Ireland and all over the world.

There are four avenues of membership which can be accessed by clicking the appropriate one of the three links which are shown to the right on this page:

• If you are on the ESB payroll (serving staff)        Join ElectricAid ESB Payroll

• If you are on the EirGrid Payroll (serving staff)    Join ElectricAid EirGrid Payroll

• If you are a VS or retired Staff                             Join ElectricAid Retired Staff

• If you are not on the ESB or EirGrid payrolls       Join ElectricAid External

Fast 2009

Pictured are Mark Lane, Sharon Fleming, Lorraine Healy, Charlie McGee, Suzi Hosegood, Tracy Johnston, Margaret Hayden, Ciara Corby.

Finally, if you don’t want to become a full member and regular contributor, you can also make a once-off donation. When it comes to money, we’re not at all fussy. You can send us a cheque, postal order, or drop cash in to us at ElectricAid, c/o ESB, 27 Lower Fitzwilliam St, Dublin 2.