About Us

Electric Aid Visit by President Higgins. Fennell Photography Copyright 2012Former State Senator Franklin Siakor, of Liberia, meets President Michael D Higgins, Pat O’Doherty CEO of ESB, Anne Cleary of Aidlink, and John Kelly of ElectricAid.

ElectricAid – Helping People at Home and Abroad
(Registered Charity No. CHY14228; CRA Reg. No. 20045821)

The social justice fund of ESB & EirGrid Staff and pensioners and is generously supported by matching ESB & EirGrid funds.

Contributes to the development of peoples at home and abroad through co-funding of projects that aim for long-term sustainable improvement in well-being of communities.
Contributes to the relief of poverty and emergencies at home and abroad.
Promotes awareness within ESB & EirGrid of development issues.
Discharges its business in as open a fashion as possible in the interest of all ESB & EirGrid staff.

ElectricAid is a separate entity, with its own constitution. It is a registered charity, and is controlled and directed by an elected Committee. There are three ESB/Eirgrid appointed trustees, and two elected trustees, on the Committee. One ESB staff member administers the charity.

ElectricAid provides funding for small development projects in Ireland, Europe and the Third World.  Projects are evaluated by the ElectricAid selection committee according to strict criteria and are usually sponsored by partners in the local areas who have a proven track record. Projects are monitored over the course of their lifetime, and have been shown to have huge impacts on the lives of the poorest people.  In addition, ElectricAid responds to disasters such as the Haiti earthquake and the Syrian Civil War by providing funds from its own Disaster Relief fund and Special Appeals to our members, friends, and supporters. These funds are managed and disbursed completely separately from our normal development-focused funding.

We are at all times open to members’ ideas and suggestions and are very happy to receive funding applications endorsed by ESB & EirGrid staff.

Logo Blue 2We are an associate member of Dóchas – the Irish association of Development NGOs. Dóchas has a strong remit for representation of the sector, and for high standards of governance.

ElectricAid is also a signatory of the Dóchas Code of Conduct on images and messages. We deal respectfully with one and all – members, partners and beneficiaries.