ElectricAid’s Corporate Partners

ElectricAid is a real and continuing partnership on many levels – between Ireland and the Global South, with our implementing partner NGOs, and critically with the staff, pensioners and management of our two corporate partners, ESB and EirGrid.

ElectricAid simply could not achieve what it does without the bedrock support of our 2,500 contributing members, and the sustained support of our corporate partners:

ESB_brandmark_strapline_adobe_rgb Founded in 1927, ESB is Ireland’s premier electricity utility, spanning generation, distribution & retailing of electricity, and overseas consultancy and engineering services. ESB has been a critical supporter since ElectricAid’s foundation in 1987 by a group of ESB staff. ESB currently matches staff and pensioner contributions on a 2:3 basis, up to a generous ceiling. Two ESB-nominated trustees sit on the ElectricAid Executive Committee.

EirGrid Group Lozenge (Colour)Since 2006, EirGrid has been Ireland’s Transmission System Operator. ElectricAid now has significant membership amongst Eirgrid staff. The company matches their contributions on the same 2:3 basis as ESB.  ElectricAid is EirGrid’s chosen CSR abroad partner. An EirGrid-nominated trustee sits on the ElectricAid Executive Committee.

In 2013, our corporate partners, ESB & EirGrid, jointly won Business in the Community’s International CSR Award for their partnership with ElectricAid, in particular, for our stoves projects in Eritrea with Vita.

Chambers Ireland International CSR Awards Winners 2013

Pictured are James Foley, ElectricAid manager, and Patricia Wade, EirGrid ElectricAid trustee, accepting the award from Environment Minister Phil Hogan.